[Design & Direction, 2018]


Designed to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the Jimmy Woo club in Amsterdam a new eye-gazing interactive light installation was created. The club has a long heritage that is known for its already impressive light experience in the basement of the venue. In honor of this heritage, a new interactive light sculpture has been developed for the renovated upper floor of the club. 

The sculpture reacts to the events in the space. The heat of the visitors, the music played by the dj and body movement of the visitors on the dancefloor, they are all affecting the color and behavior of the light above.
Meanwhile a layer of etched mirrors with abstract images of the Terra Cotta army function as an extra layer in the space which reflects the movement and perspective of the crowd.
As a result, the sculpture blends in with the interior and with new sights and animated light it lifts up the ambiance and empowers the experience of the club.

Press/Featured in

Casper Reinders: Rock ‘n Roll Interiors [Mendo Publishers, 2018]

Het Parool(2018-12-02):
“Casper Reinders, Horecaondernemer met stijlboek”

Vogue NL (2018-11-30):
“Casper Reinders over zijn nieuwe interieurboek: ‘Ik houd niet van regels.’”


Casper Reinders/Tao Horeca Group


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